Fatherhood of God.

Knowing God as our Father, is important to our ability for intimacy with God. Unfortunately for many, their earthly father was not a good example. This causes us to have a distorted image of God the Father. The goal of this six hour workshop is to develop a intimacy with God.

Gifts of Grace

An Eight hour workshop which explores the spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12. It includes practical exercises to empower the individual to minister in the power of God’s gifts of grace.

Intercessory Prayer

A six hour workshop based on the Book of Ephesians which explores our participation in the cosmic battle between spiritual forces.

Motivational Gifts

Did you ever wonder why some people flourish in their service while others doing the same task burn out quickly. Each one of us is motivated differently. Romans 12 lists seven specific gifts needed in the church.

This six hour workshop is designed to help each individual identify their motivational gifts so they might serve the Lord most effectively.

equipping for ministry

Celebrate Healing

An eight hour workshop which includes ministry training and practical exercises to realize God’s healing power. This workshop covers healing of the body soul and spirit.