Our Values

We value Integrity in all our dealings.  We want to always be honest and real.

​We value being led by  the Holy Spirit, seeking His direction in all we do.

We value the word of God and believe that scripture is the dynamic Word of God and our guide for all truth.

We value continuing relationships with churches and individual leaders.

We value innovation in reaching the changing world with the unchanging Gospel of Christ.

​We value following the Lord where ever He leads.

OUR Priorities

The Church:  ​We believe that God created the church to be His instrument to bring reconciliation between man and his creator. 

Each church is uniquely called by God for a specific purpose and ministry.

A strong and healthy church is essential to the growth of God’s Kingdom. 

It is our priority to encourage and assist leaders to be fruitful and not discouraged in their ministry.  

 Aslan Ministries was birthed out of the heart of God and His love for the church and its leaders. Effective ministry is not only hard work, but it takes an emotional toll on those in leadership. A large percentage of pastors leave the ministry after only three or four years. 

Over the years as we watched gifted friends and colleagues become discouraged and abandon God's call, we felt impelled to do something to help. We began to work with ministry leaders through our workshop, "Healing for Those Who Minister." 

Then in 2001, along with several associates who shared our passion for helping church leaders, we founded Aslan Ministries. Our sole mission is to encourage and equip the church and its leaders to become everything God called them to be. We are accomplishing this through coaching and counseling individuals, Conducting training events, and preparing curricula and study materials for small groups. 


In 2001, after over thirty years of ministry in denominational and non-denominational churches, the Lord called us to found Aslan Ministries to encourage and equip churches and their leaders to become all that God created them to be. 

From experience, we have noted that Christian leaders and their families are often the focus of  attacks from the enemy as well as being victims of "friendly fire." 

The Lord has given us a burden to walk alongside these leaders to encourage them and help restore and equip them to become everything that God has called them to become. Aslan Ministries provides, resources, renewal and training events, counseling, and personal coaching for pastors and leaders. 

Bill & Rita Johnson