Healing for those who minister Workshop

This Workshop is based on Bill Johnson's book

"Physician Heal Thyself"

(The Oxygen Mask Principle)

Subjects Covered

Burnout and its prevention

Compassion Fatigue

Attachments & Transferences

Spiritual Hygiene

Conflict Resolution

God's Immutable Laws


The Wounded Spirit

8 Steps to joyful Ministry

This eight hour workshop covers healing of the body soul and spirit. It divided into three 3 hour sessions which include practical exercises and ministry.

Session I – Introduction

Four Kinds of Healings

Healing of the spirit,


Healing of past hurts and emotional

Physical healing

Modes OF Physical

The Body heals self,

Medical Science Intervention

Prayers for Healing.

Session II

A Healing Prayer Model

Session III

Inner Healing.

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Healing the whole person