Destiny: Who am I? Why am I Here? What do I do Now?

Resource for small groups or individual study. 

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Realizing your
God-Given Purpose

God created each of us for a specific purpose. Do you know your purpose? This is a 21 hour course in which you will be able to identify the purpose for which God created you. 

​This course is designed to help you to identify and understand your spiritual gifts, overcome obstacles to reach your destiny, and set a course for realizing your God-Given purpose!
The course is available on CD for churches to conduct their own classes. The data CD contains the leaders manual, student manual and Power Point presentation.

God’s Night Parables

God often speaks to us in our dreams. The Bible is full of people who had a dream which changed all of history. How do we know whether the dream is from God or from the pizza we ate? This class will help you understand your dreams using Biblical methods of interpretation as opposed to popular secular interpretation methods.


an Ear for God

Our God desires to communicate with His people. We often miss hearing Him because we do not believe He will speak to us or we are not paying attention. 

​This 8 hour workshop will introduce you to the ways God speaks through His Holy Spirit and how we can attune our hearing so that we can hear clearly His direction.

This course is available on CD for churches to conduct their own classes

Discipleship Classes

Check the courses available on CD for in-house small groups or pastor led training.