Leadership Re

Leading Your ministry to Financial Health

Workshop is designed to help leaders become more effective in putting their ministry on a healthy and lasting footing. Learn the steps to financial health.

Conflict resolution.

Conflict in itself is not a problem it is how you deal with conflict that is important. Whenever there is movement, there will also be friction. Friction results in heat. If your ministry is moving, there will be conflict. This four hour workshop outlines ways of dealing constructively with conflict and using conflict positively..

Leadership development

In spite of popular adages, leaders are not born that way. There is a difference between leadership and management. This six hour workshop is designed to develop leaders.

Leaders Retreat

The retreat normally begins Friday evening & concludes Saturday afternoon. 

​Topics include:

(a) Evaluation of your ministry.
(b) Discovering your ministry purpose
(c) Leadership development.
(d) Developing an action plan.